Tarnsparency Terms of Use

All contents are owned by TABSA and hence are protected by worldwide copyrights. The information provided in our APP and in our websites, has been prepared to provide information about TABSA and the services it offers on the internet or by other means. You may use the information on our site/app solely for non-comercial purpose. Any modification is not permitted.

All the information in our APP is being gathered from interla sources and in all cases the content is intended to be the most recent possible. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that some out-of-date and incomplete information could appear. For this reason we recommend that you confirm all information before making use of it. You can do this by contacting any of our agents by phone or directly on our offices. All the contact methods are descibred in our website

Our app is not tracking any data or preferences of the user. An alpha-numeric string is used to register your phone, in anonymous way, only to be able to send you important notifications about your trips.

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