Primera Angostura Crossing

  This is the narrowest part of the Strait that connects the island to the continent. It is called Punta Delgada.

  At present, there are three Roll-On Roll-Off connecting Punta Delgada, in the continent side with Bahía Azul, in Tierra del Fuego.

  Punta Delgada´s terminal is located at 170 km. north of Punta Arenas. Once in Tierra del Fuego you can drive to Porvenir or Cerro Sombrero (in Chile) or to Río Grande and Ushuaia (in Argentina).

 These terminals work every day from 08:30 am (Continent) to 01:00 am (Island). You don´t need to make a reservation for this cross.



Service provided by:

Ferry Fueguino - Ferry Patagonia - Ferry Crux Australis

Crossing time: 30 minutes approx.

Distance: 4650 M. (2.5 nautical miles.)





  Pesos Chilenos
Passengers$ 1.900
Cars, pickups or similar$ 16.400
Lorry, 2.5 tonnes, empty$ 22.200
Lorry up to 10 tonnes, empty$ 45.100
Artic Lorry (semi-trailer), empty$ 74.100
General cargo on vehicle, per tonne$ 6.600
Motorcycles and horses$ 4.900
Heavy machinery by tonne$ 7.700
Trucks with flammable or explosive cargo$ 325.600
Kenworth type trucks$ 168.900

Payment must be made onboard, in cash using any of the listed currencies.

The Value of car includes the driver.

For more information about fares or other services please contact us

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